Seven years ago I started a long journey in the world of wargames and simulation. To begin with it was just a whim, a new sort of challenge. Only now have I realised the implications of that decision... but it’s already too late.

Writing wargames rules is incredibly satisfying but at the same time it’s a full-time job, above all if you’re writing rules for a specific period in history. A good idea can be easily moulded into a Fantasy or Sci-Fi world but it may not work in a context where nothing can be “invented”. The rate-of-fire of a machine gun, the range of a rifle, a gun’s calibre and it’s devastating effects are well documented but this information is often spread piecemeal throughout hundreds of books, each looking at a specific aspect. So writing a set of rules for a historical period involves, above all, a massive amount of research and documentation; only afterwards can you start to write the game mechanics..

When I started writing Operation Overlord I chose a very simple game mechanism; but soon I found that a historical simulation requires a high grade of realism. For this reason, and while trying not to get too bogged down, I went into more detail. This implied even more in-depth research and some substantial changes to the rules that I had written. I could have published these rules a year ago but wanted to involve a company that would distribute the game. Unfortunately not all well-laid plans go perfectly and now I’m back at the beginning. And since I think that patience is one of the most precious virtues a person can have, to reward those that have waited for these rules for so long I have decided to include them as a free full-colour download on this site. Many will realise that this decision was very hard to take and will understand my intentions. If you print these rules you’ll have a book that is the fruit of years dedicated to the hobby. I hope you like it.

Massimo Torriani

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